Physical Therapy and Integrated Medicine

A “whole” health approach to your pet’s wellness. We believe in using both ancient medicine and modern science for an integrated health care approach.
What does integrated medicine mean? Let’s use the example of a dog suffering from arthritis. Traditionally, a pharmaceutical alone would be used to control pain. Your doctor practicing integrated medicine may offer anti-inflammatory medication in combination with laser therapy and acupuncture for pain control, supplements to protect cartilage and decrease inflammation and water treadmill therapy for strength, mobility and physical fitness. Studies have shown that this approach creates better results for your pet. As you can see this isn’t “alternative therapy” it’s complete therapy!

Treatments can be used to help with many conditions including: arthritis, weight loss, neurologic injury such as disc disease, orthopedic injury such as cruciate tears, muscle injuries, hip and elbow dysplasia, and fracture recovery.
Ask your doctor about the plan that’s right for your pet.

Photo: © Erika Sullenberger

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